In the News

We’ve been fortunate to have been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles, and even a couple of TV shows! Below are some links to Canvas Ranch IN THE NEWS!


This was a lot of fun as our sheep were profiled working in Navarro Vineyards in Mendocino County on this national news program. The border collie had stage fright so things didn’t go too smoothly, but the results were great!

FINE LIVING NETWORK – 50 Ways to Save the Planet

Hosted by Nell Newman of Newman’s Organic, these 50 tips are designed to make the planet and your life a little bit better. (We’re Tip 10 — join a CSA!)

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SAVOR MAGAZINE – Spring 2010

Chef Christopher Greenwald tours west Sonoma County and picks up ingredients from Canvas Ranch and others for a great spring picnic.
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PRESS DEMOCRAT – October 2009

Kudos from Michele Anna Jordan for our Santa Rosa Farmers Market booth.
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ECO-FARM BLOG – July 2010

My review of the movie Food Inc., which you must see.
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NORTHBAY BIZ - July 2009

Finally the sheep get their day in the sun in this article about how I pioneered using sheep to weed vineyards.
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Press Democrat – June 2009

How to eat local and fresh with minimal hassle – join a CSA!
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Farmer becomes cover girl! Nice article about how I got into all this and why.

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SAVOR MAGAZINE – Spring 2007

Our wonderful CSA and farmer Deborah were profiled in this great article in the Press Democrat’s Savor glossy.
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PRESS DEMOCRAT – February 2007

Oasis of Creativity — You’ve just gotta love an article titled like that!

- Capital Press February 2007

Article about our sheep grazing experience.

PRESS DEMOCRAT – November 2006

Article about our Outstanding in the Field dinner here at the ranch.
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MOUTHFUL with Michele Anna Jordan – KRCB Radio October 2006

Fun and wide-ranging conversation on radio’s “most delicious hour.”
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THE NEW YORK TIMES – August 2006

Just a mention and an interview with one of our CSA members in an article about the rise in interest in CSAs across the country.
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This one was bizarre — where did they ever get the idea that a farmer was a potential millionaire! And they spent eight glossy pages on it. Overkill, but fun.
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7X7 MAGAZINE – September 2004

Beautiful photography of cashmere fashions done here at Canvas Ranch using our cashmere goats.
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In a feature article, Deborah’s retirement dream is profiled in the article Retire To The Job You Love. (Apparently Deborah is unclear on the concept of the word “retire.”)
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GOURMET – July 2004

This was a big month for Canvas Ranch as we were featured in not one but two national magazines! This time it was a one-page article about our miniature sheep used for grazing in vineyards. Luckily, there was not one lamb recipe in the entire issue!
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