Home on the Range



Come spend the seasons with us — and share the bounty of our ranch with your family and friends.


We’re a small family farm in the idyllic Two Rock Valley north of San Francisco, something like you might find in the countryside of France or Italy. Creating something from the earth demands that you get to know the land in a most intimate way. From the soil come nutrients that feed the crops, the livestock, and the soul.

For this reason Canvas Ranch is sustainably farmed to ensure it supports this nurturing cycle season after season. What we take from the earth comes back to us in juicy, hearty, flavorful fruits and vegetables. We share our 28-acre home with Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep, cashmere goats, Ameraucana chickens, Maremma livestock guardian dogs, some cats, and a few barn owls. It is teeming with life, full of energy and renewal. Come visit!

Early in the morning, when the chickens are out looking for their first meal near the compost bin, and the lambs are chasing each other around the back field, and the cashmere goats are stretching to catch the first rays of sun, that's my favorite time to head into the garden. Everything is so new. And there is so much to discover. More beans sprouting. New flowers on the pumpkin vines. Flowers I forgot I planted opening to the day. Another tomato on the plant nursed from a tiny seed in the greenhouse.